St Michael’s Mount

St Michael’s Mount has been on my bucket list of places to visit for some time now. I can’t believe this is only the first time I have visited the Island. It truly is a beautiful Island and I love the fact that you can walk up to it along the causeway when the tide goes out. Owned by the national trust since 1954 it truly is a must see tourist trap and is only takes up to 5 minutes to walk to the Island from the beach. The Island itself is run by the St Aubyn family who have lived on the Island since 1650’s, and run the Mount day to day opening it to the public.

mini adventures 008

We spent our time exploring the castle and harbour before heading back into Marazion for a Philps pasty and a cold drink. We then found a place to sit with a view of course and ate our food whilst creating a time-lapse video of the Mount. Our view as above allowed us to watch everybody walking to and from the castle including when the tide started to close in. It’s incredible how quickly the tide comes back in and we saw many people having to wade back through the water.

My wife and I have made a few pacts this weekend that we will spend the next year trying to view as many National trust places as possible in Cornwall and Devon, ticking off St Michael’s Mount and Godrey today. We also have a pact to try a new beer/cider/ale each week, this week I tried Honey dew and The Honey Trap both great tasting honey ales. 🙂

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